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Volunteering as a Family

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Jul 1, 2015
by Bobby Blessing
Volunteering as a family not only helps to make a real difference in the world around you, but also teaches your children a sense of civic responsibility, compassion and a desire to help others. Figuring out the best family-friendly volunteer activities, however, can be a bit overwhelming if you're just starting out in the socially-conscious realm of volunteering.  These few ideas are perfect for volunteering as a family and are available right here in Santa Barbara County.


Most kids have a natural affection for animals, which can make easing into the world of volunteering a bit easier due to their enthusiasm.

Domestic Travel Volunteering

Instead of a traditional family vacation, many American families are now opting to spend their vacation volunteering in other areas of the nation.

Senior Center Volunteering

Working with the elderly not only helps senior citizens to spend their golden years more happily, but also your children to understand the importance of caring for their elders.

Community Volunteering

Volunteering within your community helps to make a difference your children can see and perceive on a continuing basis, giving them a sense of fulfillment that often encourages them to continue their efforts.

Learn More

There is a great website sponsored by PBS that is a must read for parents and children who wish to get involved in volunteering.  The summer months are a perfect time to get your children involved in volunteering.  It helps beat the heat and boredom of a long hot summer.

PBS Kids -- Volunteering: Give and Get Back